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Our process
BOOST listens carefully to determine how we can best work together to realize your travel goals. During our initial conversation, we work to gain a comprehensive perspective of your unique travel style and history, your aesthetic, your family’s individual passions, your investment priorities, and your all-important bucket list, if you already have one.

Based upon that conversation, we dig deep to inspire, by providing curated recommendations that match your vision and encourage you to consider the possibilities of each experience. In the next stage of design, we collaborate with you and our local partners to craft the perfect journey. Then we get to work to fine-tune all the important details and nuances to precisely tailor your itinerary. As your travel approaches, we prepare you with checklists and materials as well as relevant insights about the destination so you tap into the magic of anticipating your journey, knowing that our team has attended to every detail. With final documents in hand, you are now ready to embark and be received by one of BOOST’s handpicked partners who care deeply about extending our warmth and realizing your travel dreams.

While you are away, we work from afar to provide you with ultimate luxury to make last minute, spontaneous changes that allow you to feel a true sense of freedom and presence as you wander. The only thing left for you to do is BETHERE.


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