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A boutique travel design and concierge firm
We are a savvy, meticulous, creative, and spirited team who experience and understand the world through travel. We are profoundly inspired by the possibilities that exist when people are truly present when they travel so they can connect with others and authentically experience everything that is extraordinary about our world.

We are photographers, history buffs, nature and art lovers, sea and sun worshippers, adrenaline junkies, yogis, foodies, and cultural enthusiasts who work to meet our client’s unique vision for each and every getaway. Our diverse educational degrees including Cultural Anthropology, Economics, and Travel + Tourism influence the style and spectrum of the services we offer. We love collaborating with local partners and experts in search of the elusive and very often the exclusive.

We are tastemakers who take our research seriously and relish the opportunity to share our point of view. Whether crisscrossing the globe to experience awe-inspiring landscapes, soak in the vibe of the newest boutique hotels, test innovative local cuisine, or uncover hidden gems off the beaten path; the BOOST team is continually gathering new insights about our everchanging world.

We believe that exceptional journeys are filled with incredible moments. We work seamlessly to know the ins and out of each handcrafted journey. We are driven by a shared passion to give all those who travel with us a true sense of presence and wonder.

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Founder's Note


I created BOOST as an expression of Southern hospitality from my upbringing and my lifelong passion for travel. Years as a biotech executive, who loved to explore with family every spare moment, led me to the realization that there is a growing need for personalized travel design services for those who highly value their time away as much as I do. I have always felt that dreaming and anticipating getaways with family and friends was one of the most magical parts of a journey and the other essential element of any extraordinary trip was having the ability to be present in the moment when you were there - because you knew that all the details were well considered and planned. I wanted to develop a company that nurtured both of these wonderous aspects of travel.

I am proud to have built a team that is heavily invested in making the travel planning process a special experience and ensuring that our knowledge of the new, the exceptional, and the authentic is woven into our highly individualized recommendations that are seamlessly executed by a host of partners worldwide. It has been a joy to build strong connections with these hand-picked collaborators and cultural advisors who receive our clients and translate our multi-layered itineraries into extraordinary journeys and beautiful memories.

Growing through word of mouth, a wonderful facet of the work we do is the personal relationships often cultivated with our discerning clients who are travel connoisseurs themselves. I am honored that they entrust BOOST with the thing they treasure most –time away, with family, friends or alone. We endeavor to add value by meticulously curating every detail, resulting in seamless travel that could never be reserved online.

If you are seeking a travel planning partner whose stylish recommendations is matched by their intense focus on the details, I welcome a conversation to discuss how BOOST might transform your idea into an unforgettable journey and give you the true presence to enjoy every moment.

Warmest regards,
Teresa Ford Chope



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